Durability? White gold, platinum or palladium

White gold, platinum and palladium are the best choices for your ring in white metal. Platinum is 3x heavier than pure gold, and palladium is 1.5 times as heavy. All are durable but platinum has the most longevity.

The color of a diamond

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The color of the diamond is one of my great priorities. D is colorless, while stones in the I/J are warmer but still really beautiful. This is a D, oval. Really special..

Carat weight


To differentiate from karat gold, is carat weight. Carats is the weight of a gemstone and is specifically different than karats of gold which is content. A .25 is a quarter carat stone, a .50 is a 1/2 carat and a 1.0 is a full carat weight stone. Color of your diamonds? Stay tuned!! This ring is a 1.16 Asscher cut using heirloom diamonds on all four corners. Conflict free, certified as such.

What is karat gold?

Karat gold is divided into 24 parts equalling 100% gold. 14KY gold is 58.5% pure gold vs. alloys. 18K gold is 75% pure gold, 22KY is 90+% gold and 24KYellow gold is 100% pure gold. All karat gold jewelry should be clearly stamped, which is called a hallmark. You can feel the weight of real gold in your hands, and when you slide that ring on your finger for the first time it should be an exquisite experience. Let us make your rings from high karat gold today, and feel the quality that karat gold offers. These rings are 18KY gold with pink diamonds. A satin/matte hand brushed surface brings such a warmth to the metal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gold is down and we are ready to make your rings..check out our rings page and go ahead, get your rings made here in Boulder Colorado from all recycled metals and all ethically sourced materials!!

The Cornerstone Ring

This was such a special event, where so many came together for this engagement. We used a 1.16 carat radiant cut, conflict free diamond and surrounded it with 2mm diamonds, however we added the family’s heirloom diamonds on all four corners of the halo. Priceless.

Another heirloom turned into an engagement ring

These clients brought me their grandmother’s diamonds. They were small, but very important to them. I incorporated them into a ring for her and placed the heirloom stones at North, East, South, and West on the halo. What an incredible couple, and an incredible ring to match. As usual, all USA recycled metals, cast in the United State, using certified conflict free diamonds, and all USA paid fair labor. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What an incredible recommendation from our beloved clients!

Designing our commitment rings with Linda was a magical experience. Linda developed a vision for our rings that embraced our individuality, while evoking an eternal bond between us as a couple. She invited us to join with her in choosing the placement of the gems on our rings, and as we did so, she taught us how the gems and their placement can create vignettes and stories, guiding us to build into our rings our own stories of beauty, comfort, magic and union. Thank you.
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The Flare sits low to the shank and still shows your diamond with lots of sparkle!

Elegant, feminine, sturdy, what a lovely design for your engagement ring. There is a band to go with it!!

The Flare

Pink Diamonds

18Kyellow gold sets these pink diamond his and hers bands apart. Satin finish, flush set stones, something unusual you can wear for the rest of your lives.